Student Life (updated)

MUIDS Art Room
MUIDS Science Lab

Experiential Learning

Students utilize cutting-edge facilities to develop independent projects. Hands on activities outside the classroom help them master complex material.

"A school isn’t just a building to us. It is a place where we all learn, create, and grow together. Here we are more than just colleagues and pupils. We are a family."

Dr. Stephen Coryelle
Deputy Director of Academics for MUIDS

MUIDS Vanguards

Student Publications

The Vanguard is MUIDS’ flagship publication. It, along with other student publications, builds a sense of community throughout the school.

Mahidol University Dormitory


Students can enjoy living off campus or in the neighboring Mahidol University dorms. They will have access to Mahidol’s first-rate facilities and vibrant campus life.

MUIDS Open House

Community Service

Community service is an integral part of MUIDS’ culture. Various school clubs and programs give students multiple opportunities to make a difference.

MUIDS Building

Health and Safety

A security team monitors the campus twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. A nurse is also available to address students' health needs during school hours.