MUIDS Graduation Photo

How to Learn English The Right Way With Mr. Villarreal

10 Oct 2017

MUIDS’ E.S.L. coordinator, Mr. Ovidio Villareal, has decades of experience in education. He shares tips about the best way to learn a second language.

MUIDS P.E. Grows With A.I.S.A.A. League Participation

10 Oct 2017

MUIDS, Mahidol University’s premier international school, has just joined the AISAA sports league which was founded to teach students’ good sportsmanship.

MUIDS’ 2nd Admissions Cycle Has Started

10 Oct 2017
MUIDS 2nd Admissions Cycle

MUIDS is now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year. Interested students and parents can apply during the months of October and February.

MUIDS Wai Kruu 2017: Thank You to All of Our Teachers

26 Sep 2017
MUIDS Wai Kruu 2017

MUIDS Students gathered for their school’s annual Wai Kruu ceremony. This ceremony offers students an opportunity to show gratitude to their teachers.

MUIDS Parents Night: University Admissions Update

20 Sep 2017

Universities in Thailand and abroad have made big changes to their admissions policies. The MUIDS counseling department explained these changes to parents and students. Here are some of their most common questions: Which Mahidol faculties does MUIDS have a quota Read More …