MUIDS Graduation Photo

Students Discover the Blood Moon’s Secrets

28 Feb 2018

MUIDS students Varun Saketharam, Yonlada Nawilaijaroen, Karis Katevoit, and others got an up close and personal look at last month’s “Red Moon.” Below they share the reasons why for one day the moon turns red.  At 6:00 p.m on the 31st Read More …

12th Grade MUIDS Student Aims High

29 Jan 2018
MUIDS Student Marksmen

MUIDS 12th grader MUI reveals how she became a successful marksmen at such a young age.

MUIDS Charity Cup: 1st Week Recap

22 Jan 2018
MUIDS Charity Cup

MUIDS Charity Cup’s first week featured several exciting matches. Be sure to read on and catch all of the highlights.

How to Learn English The Right Way With Mr. Villarreal

10 Oct 2017

MUIDS’ E.S.L. coordinator, Mr. Ovidio Villareal, has decades of experience in education. He shares tips about the best way to learn a second language.

MUIDS P.E. Grows With A.I.S.A.A. League Participation

10 Oct 2017

MUIDS, Mahidol University’s premier international school, has just joined the AISAA sports league which was founded to teach students’ good sportsmanship.