MUIDS Graduation Photo

The Pioneer Pitch: MUIDS Student Government Elections

30 Mar 2017

The Pioneer, a group of MUIDS students, has laid out their policies for next year’s student government. Read on and decide whether or not they’re worth your vote.

Blast off at MUIDS: Students Build Their Own Rockets

07 Mar 2017
Muids Rockets

The MUIDS parking lot was turned into a launch pad recently: Students designed and built their own rockets.

Finding Freedom in Art: MUIDS Art Club

06 Mar 2017

Nicha “Babe” Wutthisancharoen and Kanchanok “Sine”Chaipitakroj, two MUIDS students, profile the MUIDS Art club which gives students the opportunity to learn invaluable design skills and have fun.

Meet The MUIDS Student Council President

06 Mar 2017

Pemika Phatthanakittichai, a MUIDS tenth grade student, interviewed the MUIDS class president about the challenges she has faced as president and how she and her team have managed to overcome them.

When Dreams Meet Reality: MUIDS Students Study Abroad

03 Feb 2017
MUIDS Student Studying Abroad

Fay Chomphunik, an MUIDS Journalism student, interviewed three study abroad students who learned invaluable lessons studying in other countries.