Testing Policy

MUIDS evaluates candidates based on their English language proficiency, academic achievement, and social and behavioral background. All MUIDS students learn from a rigorous curriculum. Admissions testing ensures all students can handle its challenging nature. Students must also demonstrate considerable progress on language and academics tests.

Testing Location

Candidates will need to take admissions exams at MUIDS’ campus. They’ll complete all four exams over a single weekend. 

If a conflict arises before the exams, please alert the admissions staff.  They will do their best to accommodate a candidate's needs.

Admission Test Schedule

Test 109:00-11:30TOEFL Exam
Test 213:00-15:00Essay Writing
Test 109:00-11:30MAP Test
Test 213:00-15:00Interview

Individual Tests

To enter MUIDS students must take the following tests as listed below.

TOEFLTOEFL is a language test that determines a candidate’s English language abilities.450
MAPSMAPS is an academic skills test. The test grades students relative to their peers.9 out of 12
WRITTEN ESSAYApplicants will write a long form essay with an academic prompt.2.8 out of 4
ORAL INTERVIEWA one-on-one interview with a MUIDS faculty member.2.8 out of 4

Test Results

There are three types of test results:

  1. Accepted (without summer course)
  2. Accepted with intensive course (student will need to take a summer course)
  3. Not Accepted

If Admitted

Admitted students should accompany their parents to the admissions office. They will need to bring the following documents:

  • A copy of a passport or photo ID
  • 3 passport sized photos
  • 1 copy of an official transcript from the child’s previous school. All non-Thai and English transcripts must be translated by a certified organization. Please bring the original transcript as well.
  • A health and dental check with a doctor’s note outlining pre-existing medical conditions including allergies
  • A doctor’s note confirming the student can swim
  • House registration for students and parents (applies only to students staying in the dorms)
  • Vehicle registration with a license plate number on it (if dropping off student)

Contact our Admissions Officers

Ms. Nutchaya Singin
Ms. Usa Pholkit
Ms. Rapatchanok Onnuam


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