Student Goals


Twenty first century universities and employers demand pro-active, critical thinkers who can communicate their goals, inspire others, and persevere in the face of adversity.

MUIDS has aligned its instruction to the demands of the 21st century. Gone are the days when students could just memorize information, recite facts, and follow instructions. MUIDS uses a student-driven, inquiry-based approach to learning. Students are not passive containers for information. They are:

MUIDS' Unique Approach

MUIDS uses the above Expected School Wide Learner Outcomes (ESLO’S) as the core principles for its innovative curriculum.

Traditional Instruction and Assessment MUIDS Instruction and Assessment
Knowledge is memorizing factsKnowledge is the transformation of facts
Topics are used to organize classesThemes, problems, and issues organize classes
Content Focused (Answer “What” Questions)Process Driven (Answer “Why” and “How” questions)
Mistakes are avoidedMistakes are embraced and learned from
Students are passive learnersStudents are active learners
Learn from experts solely in a classroomLearn from various sources in real world environments
Students answer a teacher’s questionsStudents create their own questions and search for answers


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