Credit Requirements


MUIDS’ unique curriculum is based on the Content Standards for California Public Schools, the Thailand Ministry of Education Content Standards for Basic Education, and the Thai Language and Culture Content Standards. It prepares MUIDS students to attend Thai as well as international universities.

What Students Learn

The core curriculum (Math, Science, English, Social Studies) is supported by coursework in required electives (Technology, Physical Education, Fine Arts) and career based electives (Business, Medicine, etc.). Advanced Placement (AP) courses are also available for students.

The Thai Ministry of Education mandates that all students take Thai Language and Civics courses. Native and non-native speakers take separate classes. 

At the end of each school year all students attend Week Without Walls, a week long program outside the classroom where students apply their knowledge in real world settings. These activities, along with others, re-enforce MUIDS’ commitment to educating students who can apply what they learn to improve their communities.

Staying On Track For Graduation

The exact classes students take depends on which kind of university they wish to attend. Staying on track for either a Thai or international university is a complex process.

Some faculties in Thai universities require significantly more math and science credits than international universities. Students entering the fields of engineering, technology, and science must choose their high school courses carefully. Extensive college preparatory support is provided by our team of experienced guidance counselors.

To graduate students will need to

  • Earn a minimum of 81 credits
  • Achieve a minimum TOEFL score of 550
  • Complete a satisfactory senior year project
  • Submit an electronic portfolio
  • Accumulate 100 learner development hours per year
  • Perform 20 community service hours per year

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