I have seen the school grow from a building blueprint to a thriving community. As MUIDS’ new director, it is my honor to advance its mission: “true success lies not in the learning, but in its application to the benefit of mankind”. This philosophy motivates our students to become lifelong learners. As the former Dean of Mahidol University’s Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, I have observed first-hand how such characteristics lead to success at the university level and beyond.

Today’s world is different from the one I entered when I was younger. Education is no longer about reciting knowledge; it is about using that knowledge. Students must learn to think for themselves and apply their knowledge for the benefit of others.

Students at MUIDS learn to take charge of their education. Their teachers are not their instructors: they are their guides. They come from all over the world, bringing diverse and insightful perspectives into the classroom. Our students are encouraged to discover their passions through a wide range of courses and activities, developing the skills and confidence they need to pursue higher education.

I was delighted to watch our first graduating class walk through the doors of Prince Mahidol Hall. Our students have continued their studies at leading institutions in Thailand and abroad. Yet they continue to return to MUIDS to inspire and counsel our current students; seeing them return validates our efforts. I look forward to watching these alumni shape their communities as leaders.

I welcome you to become a part of the MUIDS community.



School Director 

Associate Professor  

Dr. Wariya Chinwanno