Application (Updated 8 September 2015)

Admission Procedure

Step 1: Complete an application form (Download Application) 

Step 2: Submit the application to school(Printed) , all together with other required documents. (No Email submission)

**** Please Submit on Monday – Friday at 9:00 – 15:00 

Step 3: Please bring the following documents on Application Date.

  • 3 photos (size 1 inch, recently taken)
  • 1 copy of official transcripts from Mathayom 1-3 (or Grade 7-9 in American System or Year 8-10 in British System), transcripts written in a language other than English or Thai must be translated by certified organization (please bring the original)
  • The transcript must have at least 5 terms grades (Mathayom 1 (1st term, 2 term), Mathayom 2 (1st term, 2 term), Mathayom 3 (1st term)
  • A copy of citizen id card for student (บัตรประชาชน) or passport
  • Foreigner students, Please bring a copy of Passport.
  • Foreigner Students who are still studying in Grade 9 (American System) or Year 10 (British System) needed to submit a letter from their School Director to confirm that they will be graduated in time of MUIDS registration
  • Foreigner Student’s and Guardian’s passports, and proof of guardianship
  • Admission Test Fees (including : Paper base Exam and Interview)

For more information contact: Tel : (662)408-8555